As a nurse, you need to equip the most comfortable shoes in order that you can easily carry out tasks as well as move around quickly. Sometimes, you have to face to some medical conditions. They may affect both in terms of function and structure of your feet. This is the reason why you should consider buying the best nursing shoes for walking around.

Nurses with Wide Feet

Some people have wide feet. This makes picking up a pair of shoes more difficult. Each of us has specific style chosen when choosing the best shoes for nurses.


What To Look For

  • Clogs: This unit is a good option for this condition. They are designed especially for people with wide feet, although their designs look like a normal pair. Therefore, it’s difficult for you to realize the difference between them.
  • Ideal brands: The most favorite product for nurses with wide feet is Crocs. In addition, people having wide feet can also use both clogs and slip-ons. They are even suitable for those who have normal foot width. Besides, there are some different common brands such as New Balance, Birkenstock, and Born.
  • Useful tip: If you are in difficulty when choosing shoes for wide feet, we recommend you to visit orthopedic shoe stores.


Nurses with Plantar fasciitis

Yo will feel painful if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. This condition affects the heel part of your foot. There are many reasons that cause plantar fasciitis as age, susceptible anatomical structure or weight.


What to look for

The smartest choice for plantar fasciitis is choosing shoes with stable arch support. These shoes must be the right combination of cushion and arch support. You shouldn’t too soft cushion shoes because they may hurt your feet. Also, choosing too high arch supports makes your feet painful.

  • Ideal brands: There are some famous brands recommended to use for plantar fasciitis on the market today. You can consult them as Merrel and Reebok Zigtechs, Z-coil, and New Balance Toners. They are designed for relieving foot pain effectively.
  • Useful tip: Don’t worry if you are in difficulty when finding the right shoes, you can also consider using orthotic inserts. This is a good idea for plantar fasciitis. One suggestion for you is Dr. Scholl’s custom shoe inserts. They are quite suitable for this condition.


Nurses with Bad Knees

There are many reasons causing bad knees as bad posture, foot arch problems, and weight. Wearing the proper shoes can help you improve and support your feet.


What to look for

You need to choose shoes with stable arch support. You shouldn’t choose sneakers for this condition.

  • Ideal brands: With a steel arch support, Danskos is considered as a great choice for bad knees. In addition, you can also consider using New Balance or Merrel.
  • Useful tip: Before make a decision to purchase a pair of shoes, you also need to visit an orthopedic doctor to get the source of your knee problem.



To sum up, we just hope through our post today, you can get more knowledge about the importance of the best nursing shoes and some foot conditions a nurse can get. Moreover, we also give you some useful tips for each type you need to know.




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