The The Dyson Dc-24 Ball is one of the best car vacuum cleaners from Dyson. The compactness and the ease of serviceability are the two factors that have captured the hearts of many individuals. Be warned, that the Dyson DC24 packs some serious power for its lightweight size!

The performance of the Dyson DC24 must never be undermined. The values might be misleading, when it comes to performance, no rival products can compete with the Dyson DC24. As listed in the title, the Dyson DC24 can be used in all types of floorings. The brush bristles are motorized and will adjust according to the surface that is being cleaned. This had to be done manually on some of the older models from Dyson. The small motor contributes to a less weighing product. Women in the household can now deal with the device with ease.

Dyson DC-24 Ball User Review

In the Dyson DC24, you might never come across a bag holding the dirt. Instead of the bag, a see-through bin has been provided, that will allow you to keep a tab on the dirt levels. Once it is filled, with the push of a button, these will be dislodged. During the initial days, you will find the bin being filled at an unusual pace. This is mostly due to the inefficiency of your preceding vacuum cleaner. The pivotal action provided by the ball is ample to keep the Dyson DC24 in ceaseless motion, even in a room filled with scores of obstacles. Always maintain caution, when using the Dyson DC24. If the wrong substance is drawn in, it might harm the motor.

The product comes with a warranty of five years. The warranty figure itself is a decision making factor – this product is built to last. Multistage filtration mechanisms are incorporated within the Dyson DC24. People who are allergic to dust and pollen might be comfortable when the Dyson DC24 is in operation.  The exhaust air is filtered largely, before it is propelled out of the cleaner. All those corners that were unfrequented by you all these years is now accessible thanks to the product. A motorized brush bar is provided with the unit.

This deserves special mentioning because the device loosens up the dirt, before sucking them into the machine. In almost all the  vacuum cleaners, the brush bar operation is manual, and you will have to multiply the efforts to unclog the dirt. Special sensors detect the type of ground and consequently, the speed of rotation of the brush bar is accelerated.  Effective provisions can be found in the Dyson DC24 for storing the tools. The height of the unit will be adjusted automatically. This is profitable to users suffering from spinal maladies. Although the number of accessories made available with the product is low, they can be bought independently from manufacturer.

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