Plantar fasciitis is one of common foot conditions for many runners. This injury can cause the aching, stabbing pain in the heel. If you don’t have a method to overcome it, it tends to become a chronic, long-lasting injury. You even have to suffer from plantar fasciitis around for months or years. The most important thing you need to do is equipping yourself the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.  These shoes will help you recover, but not make it worse.


Will arch supports help your plantar fasciitis pain?

When choosing plantar fasciitis shoes, you should consider buying support shoes. They have denser layers of foam underneath the arch elsewhere in the shoe. With this design, these shoes are suitable for countering pronation. In fact, a support shoe will be a good choice if you are looking for a shoe for taking stress off your arch.


How to Find the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Pain?

In addition to the structure of the midsole, you also need to pay attention to the overall firmness of the shoe. It will decide the amount of stress on your arch. Depending on your foot’s structure, you know how soft or firm your shoe will be.


What if you have a high arch?

For a fairly rigid foot with a high arch, you should equip a softer shoe to reduce the tension in the plantar fascia. However, choosing a too soft pair of shoes isn’t perfectly good. The arch support may crush down uselessly if your shoes are not hard enough.


What if you have a low arch?

For a pronator with a lower arch, you will need a rigid shoe. With the firm, rigid support along the length of your foot, these shoes will help you reduce strain on your arch.


Tips for choosing the right shoes for plantar fasciitis

First, you may not know your foot size will change a little bit at the end of the day. They will expand more. Therefore, purchasing your plantar fasciitis shoes after a long walk is a good idea.

It’s essential to choose shoes you feel comfortable right away so that you will never make your plantar fasciitis worse.

At last, use your shoes in a smart way. You need extra cushioning for the forefeet. If you are looking for special shock absorption for the heels, we recommend you to use walking shoes. Besides, tennis shoes are proposed for sturdy ankle support.



Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition you hardly avoid. So, choose the plantar fasciitis shoes wisely. Although there is wide of choice of good shoes, you should choose the shoes that can provide you the maximal level of comfort as well as a proper fit.

A good shoe for plantar fasciitis must be a well-designed heel platform stabilizes the entire foot as well as corrects pronation. In addition, you also need the arch support. It means a shoe should be equipped a solid arch support so as to prevent stress from the windlass mechanism.

As a nurse, you need to equip the most comfortable shoes in order that you can easily carry out tasks as well as move around quickly. Sometimes, you have to face to some medical conditions. They may affect both in terms of function and structure of your feet. This is the reason why you should consider buying the best nursing shoes for walking around.

Nurses with Wide Feet

Some people have wide feet. This makes picking up a pair of shoes more difficult. Each of us has specific style chosen when choosing the best shoes for nurses.


What To Look For

  • Clogs: This unit is a good option for this condition. They are designed especially for people with wide feet, although their designs look like a normal pair. Therefore, it’s difficult for you to realize the difference between them.
  • Ideal brands: The most favorite product for nurses with wide feet is Crocs. In addition, people having wide feet can also use both clogs and slip-ons. They are even suitable for those who have normal foot width. Besides, there are some different common brands such as New Balance, Birkenstock, and Born.
  • Useful tip: If you are in difficulty when choosing shoes for wide feet, we recommend you to visit orthopedic shoe stores.


Nurses with Plantar fasciitis

Yo will feel painful if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. This condition affects the heel part of your foot. There are many reasons that cause plantar fasciitis as age, susceptible anatomical structure or weight.


What to look for

The smartest choice for plantar fasciitis is choosing shoes with stable arch support. These shoes must be the right combination of cushion and arch support. You shouldn’t too soft cushion shoes because they may hurt your feet. Also, choosing too high arch supports makes your feet painful.

  • Ideal brands: There are some famous brands recommended to use for plantar fasciitis on the market today. You can consult them as Merrel and Reebok Zigtechs, Z-coil, and New Balance Toners. They are designed for relieving foot pain effectively.
  • Useful tip: Don’t worry if you are in difficulty when finding the right shoes, you can also consider using orthotic inserts. This is a good idea for plantar fasciitis. One suggestion for you is Dr. Scholl’s custom shoe inserts. They are quite suitable for this condition.


Nurses with Bad Knees

There are many reasons causing bad knees as bad posture, foot arch problems, and weight. Wearing the proper shoes can help you improve and support your feet.


What to look for

You need to choose shoes with stable arch support. You shouldn’t choose sneakers for this condition.

  • Ideal brands: With a steel arch support, Danskos is considered as a great choice for bad knees. In addition, you can also consider using New Balance or Merrel.
  • Useful tip: Before make a decision to purchase a pair of shoes, you also need to visit an orthopedic doctor to get the source of your knee problem.



To sum up, we just hope through our post today, you can get more knowledge about the importance of the best nursing shoes and some foot conditions a nurse can get. Moreover, we also give you some useful tips for each type you need to know.




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Are you experiencing some painful troubles with to plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis really is a serious problem to many people, especially athletes as runners. Nevertheless, there is one thing that can help to solve this problem; instead of buying a new pair of running shoes, find a shoe inserts to support your foot. The most suitable insoles for this condition are ones that will effectively help to put your foot so that it is in a neutral position to fight against the pain of plantar fasciitis. The foot needs an arch support and comfort so it is really important to offer it with insoles.

Along with a good and proper shoe, the insoles are supposed to be used as a supporting tool helping people to have a correct posture. Nowadays, the markets are full of many kinds of insoles. Let’s take a look at top best insoles for plantar fasciitis.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles for Pain Relief

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a disease related to inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the most popular cause of heel pain and heel spurs in people have to walk too much or overweight ones and even people wearing shoes without insoles. Overtime because of the causes such as overweight, a job that requires you to stand for a long time, strong activities, and the plantar fascia is put under pressure, which can lead to inflammation and pain.

Characteristic of a good insole against plantar fasciitis

You should refer to these following tips to avoid purchasing bad insoles for your feet:

  • Choose the insoles that have been well checked by other users and never buy untested cheap insoles. You can check reviews on YouTube, Amazon and other big retailers for user reviews before purchasing one.
  • Ensure that you buy the correct type of orthotic foot insert which suits your particular foot situation; the best way is to make an accurate diagnosis of your foot shape.



The Superfeet Green Insole is one of the most well-known insoles on the market at present. It is specially designed for low and medium arch foot types; they are considered as the top insoles for flat feet and are less invasive than the popular blue Model. It would be great to start with the Superfeet Green if you are not familiar to inserts before.


  • Green Superfeet insoles are the best plantar fasciitis insoles, rated by the large number users.
  • Very low profile.
  • Fit in various types of shoes.
  • Highly durable.
  • Suitable especially for flat feet.


Inserts which can share the fame of the Superfeet brand, as far as over-the-counter orthotics goes are quite rare. However, Powerstep Pinnacle strongly support and buffer, with direction to enhance comfort while still offering maximum stability. Furthermore, this insert is an ideal product for decreasing or preventing the pain related to the plantar fasciitis.



  • The flexible padding brings great convenience.
  • Fit to almost kinds of shoes.
  • Work well with pain.


  • Takes time to adapt to.

Syono Gel insoles are deigned with great comfort and also highly recommended by many plantar fasciitis patients. The clear blue gel makes up the majority of these insoles, you absolutely may want to buy that when you put these orthotic inserts into your shoes and feel the comfort it brings to you.


  • Useful in controlling the pain.
  • Cheaper than top brands.


  • Not helpful for people sufferingfrom high arches.
  • Flat inserts have very little arch support.
  • Plastic and Gel can be broken down quickly.


In recent years, there are various types and brands of insoles for shoes. This brings users much more choices as well as different price levels adapting to every class of people in the society. However, because of the diversity of shoe insoles, users seem to feel a bit difficult to choose themselves the best and suitable insoles for them. The insoles that have mentioned here onto this short list have been found as the best ones for people suffering from the diseases related to plantar fasciitis and related issues such as flat feet or high arches.